Andreas Kattner



Education and studies

2012 - 2018                 Award Leader for the Bachelor program of the Staffordshire University

                                    with focus on Transdiciplinary Communication Strategies.

1997                            Magister in education
1994 - 1995 1993        Studies of education
1993 - 1988                 Diploma in fine arts. Followed by assistant work

for Joseph Kosuth. Academy of fine arts, Hamburg, Germany;

Professors: Joseph Kosuth, Stanley Brown
and Franz-Erhard Walther.







2016- ongoing            Founder of the TALENT SPACE, a creative collaboration, networking and presentation space for migrants in cooperation with TBA21 Contemporary, Vienna

2014- 2018                 Award leader for Advertising(and)BrandManagement at Werbeakademie Wien for Bachelor Studies of Staffordshire University

2012 – 2014               Lecturer at the Werbeakademie Wien for the Bachelor Degree Studies of Staffordshire University

2003 – ongoing          Founder of 2 creative development networks in Vienna:

                        derKattner and CloudsOnSticks

1999 – 2003                Copy, concept, strategy und creative direction at McCann Erickson, Vienna

1998                            Copywriter & conceptionist at Demmner,

                                    Merlicek und Bergmann, Vienna

1993 – ongoing           Development and exhibition of collaborative art concepts 


Exhibitions + Workshops (Selection)

2018+19                    "Investigation of the Collective Mind", collaborative Installation on 15 Festivals in Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Germany

2017                           "Xeno" curation and artwork, Arthill Gallery, North Kensington

2016                           Co-Curator of group exhibition „Da“ Museum Macura, Novi Banovci, Serbia

2016                           Collaboration with  Ahmet Ögüt for the Silent Unversity as part of the Green Light workshop by Olaffur Eliasson, TBA21 Contemporary Vienna

2015                           „Qualities of Communication“ Collaboration, WAKA Vienna

2014                           „Collaboration concepts“ Studio-exhibition Vienna

2012                            „Year of the forrest“ Group Exhibition, Klosterneuburg

2011                            „Year of the forrest“ Group Exhibition, various locations, Austria

2008                            „Clouds on Sticks“ Studio-exhibition Vienna

2005                            „Streetviews“ Studio-exhibition Vienna

2003                            “False Gravity” Studio-exhibition Vienna
2003                            “LiveForms” Studio-exhibition Vienna
2002                            “Landscape or Nature?” Studio-exhibition Vienna
2001                            “Pygmalion, Nature Vol.3” Studio-exhibition 

2000                            “Artist videos” Academy of fine arts, Vienna.
1999                            "Stop the violence"; Group exhibition, Academy

of fine arts, Vienna.

1999                            Studio-exhibition Kattner, Rose, Quinn; Vienna

1999                            "Virtual Displacement"; Video-workshop, group, IKW, Wien

1999                            "Dare Luogo"; Group exhibition, Galeria Stefania Mischetti, Rome, Italy

"Das Pygmalion-Projekt; Nature Volume 1+2", Hamburg, Germany 1996          

"Joung Art", Mixed Media,

Group exhibition, Germany

1994                            "Planing for a better time.....", Mixed Media,

Installation/Investigation, SKC; Belgrade, Serbia

Scholarships (Selection)

2013                            Artist in Residence Collaboration with Mathias Kessler in  AIRE, Everglades USA

1995-96                       Scholarship of Kulturstiftung Storman
1993                            Sponsorship of Institute for foreign

relations (IFA), germany  for the project "Planing for a better time....."

1993                            Sponsorship of Südosteuropaseminar, Munic

for the project "Planing for a better time....."

1990                            Bischöfliche Studienförderung

1992                            Coproduction with Joseph Kossuth of "A room with 23 qualities", catalogue, Hatje/Cantz

1988                            "Art Price Ökology" of company AEG

1988                             Rome, Villa Massimo (Guest)


Bibliografy (Selection)

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