In a time where our world’s cultures are shaken by xeno-phobic aggression and exclusive behaviour it becomes more important than ever to re-activate the xeno-phile and inclusive capacity of human civilization. This is why XENO introduces collaborative strategies of work and encounter. The collaborations will involve the public for the production of collective archives.

The artists Song Jing, Noémi Kiss and Andreas Kattner all have a migration background and intend to explore cultural diversity by creating archives of identities in collaboration with the public. The project was initiated in the Arthill Gallery in London in September 2017 and will travel to different countries as a growing archive. Concept and curation by Andreas Kattner.

Towards A Handshake Society

Andreas Kattner visitors invited to shake hands; a portion of clay will be positioned in between their hands; this way every handshake will produce an individual combination of two lifelines and will be a unique agreement in betwen to people . The more people participate, the bigger this work will become.