Planing for a better time

1992 - cultural and informational embargo in former Yugoslavia. The gallery of the SKC Belgrade becomes an information hub.

Love Bites

Natures trick adapted: Seduced to reproduce culture - a contextual piece.

Pygmalion Project

How can the idea of a sculpture live on and be shared? People get invited to contribute their ideas about culture and nature.


An interactive installation about the balance of production and consumption.

i Will

What will you achieve in your lifetime? People state their wills and make them public.

Burn after reading

What are your secret wishes which you don't want anyone to know? People write them down to burn them.

Eaten By

Eating an apple doesn't always lead to cognition - and isn't always a sin. Celebrating biodiversity and the collective creation of a slightly different seed bank.

Handshake with

What happens, when two people shake hands for the first time? An encounter, a deal, some beginning, a farewell .....


In a time where our world’s cultures are shaken by xeno-phobic aggression and exclusive behaviour it becomes more important than ever to re-activate the xeno-phile and inclusive capacity of human civilization. This is why XENO introduces collaborative strategies of work and encounter. The collaborations will involve the public for the production of collective archives.


Investigation of the Collective Mind

This is an ongoing crowd-sourced project since 2017:  

All people are invited to share their thoughts about various qualities in writing, which are essential in the decision-making process of the conscious mind on the rational, emotional and spiritual plane.